A domestic violence charge is a serious matter, even if you are innocent of any wrongdoing. The mere accusation can damage your reputation and hurt your family. A strong defense is essential for you to protect your legal rights and clear your name.

Some allegations of domestic violence are entirely false. They may stem from a divorce or family law dispute. Accusations of child abuse or child molestation may be made for purposes of economic gain, and they may be leveraged against a shocked parent or family member. Charges may be filed long after the alleged incident without evidence of injury.

If you were arrested on suspicion of a crime related to domestic violence, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Do not talk to the police about your case until you have obtained proper legal advice. You need to protect your legal rights.

Examining The Evidence And Challenging The Motivation Behind The Charges

At the law firm of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A. based in Viera, Florida, we provide aggressive defense representation in domestic violence cases. Our seasoned criminal trial lawyer, Greg Eisenmenger, can help you resolve your legal matter as favorably as possible. Talk to us if your case involves:

  • A call to the police that was made during an argument
  • Assault or battery against a spouse, partner or other household member
  • Restraining orders that you believe are unfair
  • Child abuse charges
  • An alleged sexual assault

Experience has taught us to take nothing for granted in domestic violence cases. As your law firm, we will examine the evidence carefully and design and execute a defense strategy tailored to your case.

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