Assault and battery are considered violent crimes. A conviction can easily lead to jail time. Felony or misdemeanor charges can originate in a domestic dispute, a fight with a stranger, a case of self-defense or another unfortunate incident. In some situations, an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction to a domestic battery charge is an immediate no-contact order and removal of the accused person from the home.

Contrary to what most people think, it takes very little actual physical contact to get charged with a felony. In assault cases, no contact is necessary at all, just a threat and fear of immediate harm; in many battery cases, there has been very minimal contact, which can even be accidental.

If you have been charged with assault or battery, you need the assistance of an attorney right away. You do not need to talk to the police about the charges until you have talked to your lawyer. Our firm is ready and able to help.

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We can help you protect your legal rights and your freedom if your case involves:

  • Domestic assault or battery charges
  • Police involvement that was triggered by a 911 call during a dispute
  • A fight with a spouse or significant other
  • A fight in a bar or on the road
  • The use or alleged use of a weapon

Greg Eisenmenger is a board-certified criminal specialist with a long track record of success in state and federal courts. He has decades of criminal trial experience in Florida.

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