Family law addresses some of the most painful and complex issues that most people will face during their lifetimes. Relationships, parenting, community, finances, comfort and culture can play powerful roles in the conflicts that may call for the involvement of an attorney.

As with other important matters, having the right legal representation can make a huge difference in the outcome of your divorce case or other family law issue. Our attorneys can provide it.

Resolving Complex Family Law Matters

The law firm of Eisenmenger, Robinson, Blaue & Peters, P.A., serves clients in and around Brevard County, Florida. Equipped with an excellent knowledge of Florida family law, decades of civil trial experience and big-picture perspective, we can assist you with legal matters related to:

  • Divorce/dissolution of marriage
  • Division of assets such as real property, business interests, investments and retirement assets
  • The tax ramifications of divorce
  • Spousal support, which may be ordered on a temporary, long-term or permanent basis
  • Child support, which is dictated formulaically, with certain caps, by Florida statute
  • Child custody and parenting time, which can be a contentious issue for divorcing couples and parents who were never married
  • The modification of standing court orders related to support, custody or other issues

Every family law case is different, but most are resolvable. Unless opposing counsel is intent on dragging out your case, our lawyers can help you obtain fair resolution to your family law matter through a variety of means.

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