Premises liability cases involve a person being hurt on someone else's property. Whether it is a slip-and-fall, a tragic accident in a pool, an assault or another serious problem, it may be possible to hold a property owner responsible for the injury or loss of life, but not in all cases It is essential to talk to an experienced premises liability attorney about your case if you or a loved one was hurt.

Each state has its own laws pertaining to premises liability. In Florida, the law indicates that you have to show that there was an unreasonably dangerous condition that the property owner failed to cure or failed to warn about.

No Substitute For Experience

The personal injury trial lawyers of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A. based in Brevard County, Florida, have decades of experience handling injury cases related to the negligence of property owners:

  • Falls in stores and commercial areas
  • Accidents in parking lots and ramps
  • Apartment building and condo accidents
  • Recreational accidents
  • Assaults on dangerous premises

Every case is different. In cases we take on, we preserve evidence, photograph accident areas, obtain surveillance films, interview witnesses and investigate all the factors that may have contributed to a serious injury or a wrongful death. We prepare exhaustively for trial; we don’t look for quick, easy settlements with insurance companies.

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