Man dies in fatal boating accident on Lake Apopka

On behalf of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A. posted in Boating Accidents on Friday, September 26, 2014.

A boater who went fishing in Lake Apopka was found dead recently after a local resident noticed his boat floating the water unattended. It is unclear at this point what caused the tragic accident, but it doesn’t appear that any foul play or negligence was a part of the fatal accident. The police will continue to investigate and will provide some answers soon.

As unfortunate and tragic as this incident is, it serves as an important reminder about boat accidents. First and foremost, it is a reminder to people who take their boat out on the lake or in the ocean to be as safe as possible. Operate your boat in a proper fashion and don’t try any extravagant moves with your boat. That doesn’t appear to be the case in this specific fatal boat accident, but it is still an important reminder.

Another important aspect to this accident is to always inform people you know of where you are going. It’s a simple safety step, but far too often, it is an overlooked one. By informing others of your boat trip, they can reasonably expect you back — or to hear from you — by a certain time. When that criteria isn’t met due to a potential boating accident, they can alert the authorities to begin a search and, hopefully, that search saves your life.

Ultimately though, this is a reminder that when a boating accident happens and multiple people or vehicles are involved, the victims of the accident — or their loved ones — need to consider their legal options. Negligence could have played a part in your wreck, and the irresponsible party could be held liable for that negligence.

Source: WKMG, “Man dies after boating accident,” Lisa McDonald, Sept. 21, 2014