Fatal car crash in Orlando claims 1 life, injures another

On behalf of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A. posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, August 21, 2014.

A fatal car accident involving two vehicles claimed one life and left another person with serious injuries in Orlando, Florida. The injured person had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, and it is unknown what the individual’s condition is. The wreck occurred in the afternoon and there are very few details available other than what we have said in this paragraph.

So with that in mind, let’s cover a few basic elements that cause car accidents — causes that may have played a role in this wreck. First, there is distracted driving. This can take many forms, but the most prominent today is cellphone use while driving. Whether you are texting or talking on a cellphone or using your phone for directions, it is all dangerous. Even though Florida may not have a texting ban, this is an act that you shouldn’t commit.

Another way an accident occurs is by the name itself — accidentally. Sometimes, people make mistakes, and when these mistakes occur behind the wheel of a car, some truly tragic things can happen. Even if the accident was an “accident,” there may still be some mitigating factors that cause someone to be liable.

Last but not least, disobedience or generally dangerous driving is another way that an accident can happen. This is fairly straightforward, in that a driver operates his or her vehicle in an illegal or negligent manner. People who drive dangerously and cause an accident can — and should — be held responsible in civil court, if not criminal court as well.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “One dead in two-car crash in Orlando,” David Harris, August 9, 2014