Why Choosing the Cheapest Divorce Lawyer in Florida is a Bad Idea

On behalf of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A. posted in Family Law on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

cheapest divorce in florida

What if you were throwing money away and didn’t even know it?

In Florida, divorce is pretty common. Whereas the national divorce rate is 2.3%, Florida’s divorce rate is as high as 4%. And many of those getting divorced have a simple goal: to get the cheapest divorce in Florida.

However, getting the cheapest possible divorce lawyer is not always a good idea because you may end up paying far more than intended (in more ways than just cash). Why is that? Keep reading to learn the answer!

The Dangers of Pro-Se Divorce

Contrary to popular belief, a divorce case doesn’t have to be that difficult. In Florida, for example, you can always go with a pro-se divorce. With such a divorce, you print out the forms on your own, sign and complete them, and take them to the nearest courthouse.

If the cheapest divorce in Florida is a must, this can certainly help. However, going this route can also cause problems that end up costing you time, money, and energy in the long run.

For example, since neither you nor your spouse are legal experts, you may file something incorrectly, making the process take longer. And if one spouse is entitled to certain financial benefits or both spouses have shared debts, things get even more complex.

One of the biggest issues is if you have minor children together. It can be very difficult to work out satisfactory custody arrangements with a pro-se divorce. If this sounds like you, drop our attorneys a line. We’ll make sure things are taken care of the right way.

Cheapest Divorce in Florida: Figuring Out the Terms

When a divorce is completely amicable, it can be easy to save money. That’s not the case when it comes to a contested divorce, though.

In this case, “contested divorce” means that you and your spouse cannot agree on the exact terms of the divorce. This can lead to a prolonged divorce case that is far more expensive than you thought it would be.

Our advice? It’s always worth having a consultation with us. We strive to bring a sense of empathy and efficiency while favoring your terms.

Don’t Cheap Out on Your Divorce Lawyer

We know you have a lot of choices. And many divorce lawyers are less expensive than we are. Sure, we know you might be tempted to find the cheapest lawyer available, but, this is never a good idea!

It’s one thing to try to find a deal when you are looking for a place to eat or trying to find a gas station. However, the outcome of a divorce case may have lifetime ramifications for you. And when it comes to legal representation, the old saying is true: you really do get what you pay for.

Instead of going for the absolute cheapest divorce lawyer, go for the best in Rockledge, FL. Remember, when a substantial estate is involved in a divorce, then a good attorney will serve you in ways you can’t imagine. Let our team handle the nuances now. Saving a few bucks with a cheap attorney is a mistake you could spend a lifetime paying for.

Get the Best Florida Divorce Attorney Today!

Now that you know why you shouldn’t go for the cheapest divorce in Florida, it’s time to make the right call.

Let our team prove to you how we’ll safeguard your assets, your family, and your future. To discover how we can help with your divorce case, contact us today!