The Many Benefits of Working With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

On behalf of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A. posted in Criminal Law on Tuesday, February 07, 2023.

Every year in the United States, millions of people face a criminal trial without legal representation. A criminal defense lawyer is one of the best weapons against corruption, mistreatment, and mistrial in the legal system. How do they go about being such a good weapon, and what benefits does having this type of lawyer give you?

As you read on, you will learn how hiring a criminal defense lawyer can make a real difference in your case. Not only in court but outside, too. The following attributes are the usual suspects in the arsenal of our criminal defense toolbox.

Legal Expertise

Without legal representation, you are often left to flounder without an understanding of the legal situation you are in. Our acclaimed criminal defense attorney works with you to understand your case. They can also become an expert in the exact laws and precedents in place that might win you your freedom.

Trial Expertise

Becoming a lawyer in Florida can take up to five years of solid work. This will often include mock trials and other hands-on work. Training is key. Experience is a must. But compassion is paramount. When you speak with Scott Robinson, we think you’ll agree that your needs are heard and addressed.

Reputation matters. And you need to make sure that your chosen representative has a great reputation in the community. Scott Robinson is a decorated and respected veteran. He is also president of 211-Brevard (a charitable organization that supports military families). Reading his 5-Star reviews on Avvo, Google, and others will tell the story.

Investigating the Case

Not all defense lawyers are created equal. Don’t get stuck with someone who wants to pass the buck and take a check. Details matter. Process matters. The truth matters. You’d be shocked if we told you how many criminal defense cases get dismissed because holes are found in procedures and evidence (or lack thereof).

If you leave this investigation up to the police, the authorities might only find ways to prosecute you if they believe you to be the main suspect. People can get in some hot water if the State Attorney comes down hard. You need to make sure that the team on your side knows how to stand up for your rights.

Examining the Evidence

When evidence exists for a case, our lawyers will be able to examine it on your behalf. They can not only investigate how accurate a piece of evidence is, but they can also cross-examine witnesses during the trial itself. Sometimes it takes a trial for the truth to come to light despite whatever the “evidence” is against you.

Lawyers are experts at looking for reasons why a witness is not credible or why a piece of evidence is inadmissible. One such reason is that either could have been tampered with. We are on the lookout for such details, and thus, our criminal defense lawyer can protect your right to a fair trial under the law.

Representation During Negotiations

There may be times you want to discuss your situation with the prosecutor. You might be considering a plea. But if so, you might take a lesser charge in exchange for laying bare your circumstances.

Another point to leverage is testifying to details in a larger case or crime in exchange for freedom. If that is the case, you 100% need a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side as these maneuvers are very complex.

Reduces Sentences or Fines

Lawyers know the history of different kinds of misdemeanors. They know the temperament of the court. They can often talk to the judge for a case and ask for a reduced sentence. Or, if there is the chance you could get off with a fine or a warning, that might be on the cards, too.

A word about the details. Your criminal defense lawyer is on your side. Don’t hold back during your early conversations. Whatever the details are, please let us know. It’s one thing to feel like the path is clear-cut with your case, and another thing entirely to discover a surprise that you failed to reveal at the outset. Judges do not take things like this lightly.

Plea Bargaining

As mentioned earlier, you might have evidence that can help the police solve a different, larger crime. It might be your testimony that helps in a long-running case. You might be surprised at how the police respond when you have something they need.

A lawyer is bound by oath to keep what you tell them confidential, so long as you do not involve them in criminal activity. Thus, you can allow them to determine what it would be beneficial to reveal at any given time.

Alternatives to Incarceration

Not all crimes lead to jail time or even fines. There may be other options available to you should you seek them out.

Lawyers can discuss the options with the prosecution and the judge. It might be they can seek out any of the following:

  • Community service
  • Treatment programs
  • Electronic monitoring

Many of the above are getting more common as jails become overcrowded. So, it may be the perfect time to talk to your criminal defense lawyer about how they could keep you out of jail.

Representation in Court

Representing yourself in court rarely goes well. It is unlikely you know court procedure, nor will you have the experience or knowledge to present evidence or follow the court’s processes.

A lot of the time, courts and judges become frustrated when people try to represent themselves for these reasons.

By hiring the right criminal defense lawyer, you represent yourself responsibly and start your defense on the right foot.

Protecting Your Rights At All Times

The role of a defense lawyer is not always to try to get you an innocent verdict. In all cases, they are there to ensure your rights remain protected.

It is up to the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt (in most cases) that you have committed a crime. Even if it is obvious to most others, they have the responsibility to present enough firm evidence to confirm this.

Your lawyer should also ensure the process is as objective as possible. If the judge, witnesses, or other lawyers act in a way that subverts your rights, your representation should jump on it.

This is not only true in court. Your lawyer can also help you during depositions. They can give you advice related to your rights when you need reminding of them or talk to you before you give any statements.

They can also work to prevent illegal search and seizure of your property. If police took evidence illegally, our lawyer will gather the evidence to prove this and ensure the prosecution cannot admit it into the court record.

Experience and Contacts

Criminal defense lawyers work to network with as many expert groups as possible. This might include experts in various fields that might have the knowledge to help you in specific situations.

Without a lawyer, you might be unable to source an expert witness to help you with your case. You will have to rely on the knowledge the court already has, which is not always useful.

Honest and Objective Advice

Sometimes, all you need is someone to give you an honest account of what is going on. Most of the time, you cannot trust the police or prosecution as their goal is to prove a guilty verdict.

Your criminal defense lawyer has no reason to lie to you. In fact, the only way we can drive the most positive outcome is by sharing information. We pride ourselves on making a great attorney/client relationship. It matters throughout the process. And it will help you be prepared for the road ahead.

Protecting Your Lifestyle

Our criminal defense team will commit to defending your freedoms and every part of your life. There are a lot of unknowns, but our team takes great pride in deploying all the necessary strategies to defend your:


We will work to ensure the details of your prosecution are not leaked anywhere. We want to ensure you have a continuation of your employment at your job, and as such will not engage with them unless asked to.

If the situation involves your workplace, we can assist in negotiating with key stakeholders. This will make sure all parties are treated fairly per contractual obligations under law.


Both you and your family deserve all the privacy the law can provide. As such, we will attempt to protect those closest to you from unwarranted and unwanted harassment by police officers or others close to the case.

If necessary, our criminal defense lawyers work to secure your family. If crimes are severe and pleas or other testimony make them vulnerable, we can advise you on how to keep the ones you love safe.

Immigration Status

Sometimes, a criminal case will impact your visa or make immigration officers aware of your status in the country. Our team can take steps to ensure you do not fall foul of immigration issues, allowing you to remain in the United States as long as possible.

A Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer is a Must

If you are in Brevard County, Florida, you might be Googling something like “criminal defense lawyer near me”. Lucky for you, we have the best criminal defense lawyer ready to take your case.

Scott Robinson is our DUI & Criminal defense expert. He is not only a celebrated lawyer but a decorated war hero that believes in the fight for freedom and defending those who cannot do so for themselves. There is working with a criminal defense lawyer in general, but then there is working with Scott Robinson.

Contact us now and start planning your defense with Scott today.