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Eric H.

Scott Robinson did an amazing job of getting me a settlement that paid all my medical bills and had some left for me. Thanks so much.


Eisenmenger is incredibly efficient and thorough. One of the best in the state. I can never thank him enough for guiding my family through trying times.

Your Free Lawyer Consultation in Brevard County Is Here!

There can be a million reasons why you’re looking for a free lawyer consultation in Brevard County. But there’s only one law firm that you should turn to. In fact, the team at Eisenmenger, Robinson, and Peters, P.A., is the law firm that other lawyers count on when the going gets tough. Our 5-Star peer & client reviews tell the story, but we encourage you to scroll down for more about us and our exceptional process.

From Surf's Up to Sundown at Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach is known for its reef break. When conditions are right, this allows for fast, hollow tubes that draw in many surfers and enthusiasts from all over Florida. Of course, wherever there’s a vibrant beach scene, you can count on plenty of places to kick back, relax, and enjoy great food and beverages. 

However, if those cocktails get the best of you and you end up with blue lights flashing in your rear view, our DUI defense team can help. Penalties for a DUI can be pretty heavy, which is why we offer a free lawyer consultation that will result in a holistic view of your case. We take great pride in how we communicate with our clients. It gives us the edge. And gives you the peace of mind you need.

Filing Forms for Family Law near Melbourne Made Easy

There’s a lot of aspects to Family Law that need to be considered. A free lawyer consultation with our team is all you need to understand what the road ahead will look like. We know that legal fees can add up quickly. And when it comes to divorce, the idea of splitting assets right down the middle is a lot to digest; especially when you’re paying for help on top of it. But there’s a good reason (several, in fact) why going for the cheapest divorce lawyer you can find is a bad idea.

Sure, pro-se filings (that means without an attorney) might save you in the short term – but it exposes you to certain risks. There are dozens of forms that must be filed correctly at the Brevard County Clerk’s Office. There are special dates and deadlines to consider. Forget about assets for a second. What about those shared debts? Then there’s child custody that needs to be handled the right way. And when was the last time you freshened up your legal vocabulary to understand the nuances of all those forms and processes? Mistakes add up in the long run. We make sure you’re taken care of from day one.

The Route to Our Law Firm in Rockledge From All Points

Call or click to contact us for an appointment. If you need directions, no worries. Here’s a few ways to get to our convenient location. 

From Cocoa Beach, take King’s Street heading west. Head south on Highway One and then make a right onto Viera Blvd heading west. Make a right onto Village Dr. and then a left into our parking lot just after the lake. 

From points south, such as Palm Bay, you can easily take I-95 heading north, taking exit 193. 

Stay to the right as you exit, then head east on Viera Blvd. Make a left at Murrell Road and your second right onto Village Drive. The road loops to the right. Continue around, and as you see a lake to your left, the entrance to our parking lot will be on the right.

More Than Just A Free Lawyer Consultation

You never really think you’ll need a lawyer until you do. We know that. Which is why this step comes without risk or hassle. We take the time to listen before we ask any questions. Our goal is to absorb all the weight of your issue and map out the details in clear, straightforward terms. Not only that, our team goes the extra mile to lay out contingency plans if something unforeseen occurs. You’d be surprised how many attorneys don’t prepare the way we do. Their clients usually end up coming to us.

You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, your career, and your future to work with a team of proven litigators that always put your needs first. Don’t you deserve that? We think so.