Death at Florida airport may lead to personal injury-based claim

On behalf of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A. posted in Wrongful Death on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

Florida is a tourist mecca for individuals from all over the world. With major transportation hubs located throughout the state, many people arrive and depart from the area on a daily basis. For many individuals, air travel is the means by which they get to Florida. The state boasts several major airports in the large cities within its borders.

Just recently, however, a fatal accident occurred at one of the busiest airports on the East Coast. An individual was killed while riding a tram at the Orlando International Airport. According to reports, four people were in the tram when the vehicle’s emergency brake engaged. Although the tram was only moving at around 5 miles per hour, the victim was thrown through the vehicle’s windshield. He fell more than 10 feet from the tram’s elevated height.

The victim was a Brevard native and was also an employee of the tram company. He and the other three people on the tram had allegedly gained access to it from a security worker. Even though their trip may have been unapproved, the loved ones of the deceased victim may have rights to damages resulting from his death.

A wrongful death cause of action can be available to certain surviving family members of a fatal personal injury accident victim. Since a deceased individual cannot file a claim on his own, his rights survive in a modified form in those who are close to him. In some cases the family members of a personal injury accident victim can claim damages based on actual losses from medical expenses incurred by the victim and the financial support of the victim that they lost. They can also in some cases seek damages based on the emotional aspect of the loss, which for many is great when a loved one perishes in a senseless accident.

Source: “Brevard native died in OIA tram accident,” May 9, 2015