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Being accused of a drug crime is a serious matter that demands immediate, decisive action. You risk the loss of your freedom and the forfeiture of many other privileges if you are convicted.

If you or a loved one has been charged with drug possession, selling, distribution, trafficking or another offense, get legal advice right away. Do not talk to the police until you have talked to your lawyer.

Illegal Search And Seizure: A Vital Issue In Drug Cases

Many drug arrests are made following traffic stops. Other arrests are made after the search of a person’s clothing, handbag or possessions yields a controlled substance.

When you talk about search and seizure, you are talking about your constitutional rights. Despite the acknowledgement of these centuries-old rights, today’s law enforcement personnel use new technologies that can infringe upon citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed privacy — from devices that can track vehicles to the monitoring of mobile communications without a warrant. Our firm believes that every person should enforce his or her constitutional rights and insist that police, prosecutors and judges honor that.

Multiple Paths To A Positive Outcome

The criminal defense lawyers of Eisenmenger, Robinson & Peters, P.A., have more than 30 years of criminal trial experience in Brevard County, throughout Central Florida and elsewhere. In handling drug matters, we explore all possible paths to the favorable resolution of a case:

  • Treatment-oriented defenses for drug users
  • Diversionary programs for possession cases
  • Aggressive defense against federal trafficking, possession with intent and conspiracy charges, which can bring significant jail or prison time

Our firm’s criminal defense trial attorney, Greg Eisenmenger, is board-certified in criminal law. He offers clients the benefit of decades of experience handling serious criminal matters.

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