Business and commercial litigation can arise out of close partnerships with a strong personal component. The problem can take the form of a contract dispute, a significant disagreement between shareholders or other parties, or another type of conflict.

Experience shows us that emotions can run as high in a difficult business matter as they can in a divorce. When a dispute escalates to a point at which outside help is needed, the choice of help can make a difference in the outcome and in the smoothness of the process. To that end, our experienced business attorneys can help you if you are forced to confront a situation in which money, relationships, reputation or pride is on the line.

Guidance Regarding Disputes

At Eisenmenger, Robinson, Blaue & Peters, P.A. based in Brevard County, Florida, we have been providing practical guidance and representation to businesses and business-minded families and individuals for decades. Our experienced lawyers handle matters such as:

  • Corporate disputes between shareholders
  • Enforcement of employment agreements such as noncompete agreements
  • Shareholder disputes and partnership disputes
  • Breach-of-contract cases
  • Family business disputes and succession problems
  • Civil¬†appeals

We understand that no two business conflicts are the same, and we understand that there are numerous paths to resolution of any dispute. As your attorneys, we will give you the benefit of advising you on the pros and cons of litigation and help you make decisions that are good for your business.

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