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Posts tagged "Car accident"

Many car collisions occur due to negligence

Just last week, this blog looked at the prevalence of drunk driving accidents on the state's roads. Drunk driving is just one cause of the many car collisions Brevard residents attempt to avoid each and every day; distracted driving, reckless driving, and many other causes also create hazards for individuals traveling on streets and highways. At the core of many of these bad driving scenarios is negligence on the part of the responsible motor vehicle operator.

Danger of a teen distracted driver worse than previously believed

In Florida and across the country, a growing problem with teen drivers is their penchant for texting and driving. A new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety analyzed almost 1,700 videos showing teens and their behavior behind the wheel right before a car accident. The study indicates that the problem is worse than previously believed. It showed that in almost 60 percent of the moderate to severe crashes, a distracted driver was a factor. The number is four times greater than the prior approximations based on law enforcement reports.

How do the police deal with reckless driving in Florida?

The roads in Florida can be dangerous for drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians even in the best of times. Some drivers take the liberty of driving in a way that places others in jeopardy. Drivers who operate their vehicles recklessly are not just placing themselves at risk, but putting the lives of others in serious danger. The state has enacted laws to punish drivers who drive recklessly in order to dissuade drivers from committing the act. Although the law takes steps to stop reckless driving, many people are hurt by reckless drivers regularly.

Florida law has increased penalties for hit and run

For pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and drivers in Brevard County, a car accident is bad enough without the other driver deciding that the person doesn't feel it is required to stay at the scene. Hit-and-run accidents have been a significant problem in the state for a long time and there was little reason for drivers to wait at the scene given the light penalties they faced if they didn't.

The importance of legal help after a car accident

When there is a car accident in Brevard County, those who are involved must consider the future. These accidents can happen at any time without warning. Regardless of the reason for the crash, the aftereffects can vary from simply being shaken up and having damaged property to suffering minor injuries, major injuries and even fatalities. In every situation, those who have been affected need to bear the consequences of an auto accident in mind and act accordingly. Of course, it's imperative to receive medical treatment for injuries. But that's only the first step.

Head-on collision kills three adults and one child

In Brevard County, a car accident can do an untold amount of damage to an individual and families. These injuries and fatalities are increasingly possible when there is a head-on collision. Regardless of the circumstances, motor vehicle accidents place numerous people in jeopardy and may happen without warning for a variety of reasons. Those who have been affected by a car accident need to understand what they should do after it happens.

The astronomical costs to the nation due to car accidents

People in Florida and throughout the nation need to be cognizant of dangers on the road. Regardless of how cautious a driver is, there are times when an accident is unavoidable. These can occur for a multitude of reasons and cost significant amounts of money to those who have been involved. They can even end up costing money for those who are not involved in the accident, but must bear the brunt of increased ancillary costs from these crashes. A study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that the aftermath of a car accident has both economic and societal impact.

The dangers of distractions such as texting and driving

For drivers in Brevard, there are numerous risks on the road to be concerned with. Whether it's a driver failing to obey traffic signals, someone getting behind the wheel after drinking, or common circumstances like the weather, there are many reasons for a car accident to occur. One example of possible driver negligence that is becoming more prevalent with the increased use of smartphones is texting and driving.

Don't let someone else's negligence cause your financial ruin

Car accidents occur all over Florida each day and in serious crashes victims suffer significant damages and injuries. While some accidents are victim-caused, others result when other motorists fail to abide by the rules of the road and create hazards. When the negligent or reckless driving of another person causes a victim to suffer injuries, that victim can find himself facing difficult financial problems.

I've been in a car accident. What happens now?

Drivers who have been involved in car accidents may not know what they need to do in this situation. The shock from the collision, along with a general lack of familiarity with the state laws, may make drivers unsure of what steps they need to take.