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Posts tagged "Wrongful Death"

Does medical malpractice apply to fatal medical mistake cases?

A doctor is often a Florida resident's best hope for finding the underlying cause of the person's pain and suffering. Whether the individual has an infection, a broken bone, a significant disease or any medical ailment in between, he can often benefit from visiting a doctor and receiving treatments tailored to his particular health-related needs. Doctors are, however, human, and they do from time-to-time make mistakes. Some medical errors are relatively harmless, but others can pose life-threatening risks to the affected patients.

What is the statute of limitations for a wrongful death action?

In a perfect world, negligence would never happen. All people would consider the safety and care of others when they chose to act, and everyone would take the proper precautions to proactively prevent and avoid harm. Unfortunately, Brevard residents know this utopia does not exist. A cursory review of the evening news demonstrates with definitive clarity the fact that dangerous and preventable things happen each and every day.

Death at Florida airport may lead to personal injury-based claim

Florida is a tourist mecca for individuals from all over the world. With major transportation hubs located throughout the state, many people arrive and depart from the area on a daily basis. For many individuals, air travel is the means by which they get to Florida. The state boasts several major airports in the large cities within its borders.

Car crash kills teen and injures several others

For people in Florida, one of the worst possible things that can happen is to have a loved one involved in an accident. These accidents can happy at any time in a variety of ways. A common way in which people are hurt and killed is in motor vehicle accidents. While most drivers operate their vehicles safely and within the rules of the road, there is a constant risk that a fatal car crash will occur. If there is an accident, it's important for the family to know what to do in its aftermath.

Fatal accident with car claims life of man on scooter

People in Brevard County and throughout the state need to be on constant alert for vehicles on the road. This is especially true if they're pedestrians, bicyclists or riding a smaller vehicle like a scooter. While motor vehicle accidents are always dangerous, those who are more vulnerable stand a greater chance of being involved in a wrongful death incident. The unexpected loss of a loved one can have consequences that extend beyond the emotional devastation that results from an untimely death. There can be personal and financial considerations as well.

Fatal workplace accident statistics in South Florida are up

One of the last things that a person who says goodbye to a loved one believes when he or she heads out to work is that it will be the last time they'll see that person. This is why it's such a shock when a fatal workplace accident occurs. These accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, and a concern for residents in Florida is that the number of wrongful death workplace incidents in 2013 increased in spite of the national numbers decreasing.

Husband and wife die in crash caused by alleged drunk driver

People in Brevard County and across Florida need to be aware of the dangers that can lead to a fatal accident. These accidents can happen at work, when driving, when riding as a passenger, as a pedestrian and in numerous other situations. A common way in which a wrongful death occurs is in motor vehicle accidents. Many of these incidents occur as the result of the carelessness of another person. This is the case when a drunk driver causes a fatal car crash.

Bicyclist killed in fatal car crash

In Brevard and throughout the state, there are dangers whenever a person heads out on the road in a car, on a motorcycle, on a bicycle or as a pedestrian. These risks are not often considered, but they're there. Motor vehicle accidents are sometimes inevitable. However, when they happen, the incident can be made worse when the driver who is believed to have caused it decides to leave the scene of the crash. It's important that those who were affected know how to move forward with possible litigation for loss of a loved one.

Florida fatal accident with car claims life of motorcyclist

When a Florida motorcyclist heads out onto the road in Brevard and throughout the state, there are numerous risks that he or she takes. Riding a motorcycle might be an enjoyable activity with the fun outweighing the dangers, but that does not eliminate the vulnerability that a rider is subject to if there is a crash. Motor vehicle accidents always place those involved in jeopardy, but a motorcycle rider's chances of being in a fatal accident are far more substantial. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a wrongful death incident need to know what to do in its aftermath.

Woman killed on golf cart in Viera

People don't often think about the consequences for their reckless behavior until it is too late. This can be especially true when it comes to driving. People get behind the wheel of a car and they eat, they text, they chat on the phone all without thinking about how it could affect others. In many cases, these negligent behaviors can lead to a serious or fatal motor vehicle accident. Then, suddenly the victim's family is left grieving the loss of a loved one all because someone didn't follow basic safety or traffic rules.