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Posts tagged "drunk driving accident"

Many car collisions occur due to negligence

Just last week, this blog looked at the prevalence of drunk driving accidents on the state's roads. Drunk driving is just one cause of the many car collisions Brevard residents attempt to avoid each and every day; distracted driving, reckless driving, and many other causes also create hazards for individuals traveling on streets and highways. At the core of many of these bad driving scenarios is negligence on the part of the responsible motor vehicle operator.

The astronomical costs to the nation due to car accidents

People in Florida and throughout the nation need to be cognizant of dangers on the road. Regardless of how cautious a driver is, there are times when an accident is unavoidable. These can occur for a multitude of reasons and cost significant amounts of money to those who have been involved. They can even end up costing money for those who are not involved in the accident, but must bear the brunt of increased ancillary costs from these crashes. A study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that the aftermath of a car accident has both economic and societal impact.