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Posts tagged "boating accident"

Paddling safety tips

Many people want to take advantage of Florida's beautiful waterways. From large boats to swimmers and everyone in between, the water can be a peaceful and relaxing place. However, watersports also have a lot of risk. People need to be prepared for the worst when out on the water.

What are common types of boat accidents in Florida?

Florida's residents have a lot of access to water, which is very nice in the hot, long summer. For many people, Florida's proximity to water has led to an interest in water sports -- particularly boating. In order to boat safely, people must follow the rules. This includes avoiding drunk driving and following other regulations. Sadly, not all boaters are safe and many cause accidents.

Legal help after a boating accident in Brevard County

With the Brevard County's mild temperatures and its proximity to water, boating is a popular leisure activity for people in Florida young and old. While the majority of boaters follow the rules of the water and don't perform dangerous actions or break the law, there is still the potential for a boat accident. Similar to a motor vehicle, a boat can become a dangerous thing when used improperly. If there is a reckless boater, an inexperienced boater or there is the simple and unfortunate instant of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a boating accident can lead to injury and death.

Boating accident frequency and its aftermath in Florida

Given the warm weather in Brevard County, boating is an activity that many enjoy year-round. While most boaters take great care to adhere to the proper safety procedures and manage to avoid having an accident, sometimes they're unavoidable for many different reasons. The statistics for these accidents shine a light into the dynamics of a boating accident, what their reasons are and how they're dealt with.