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Posts tagged "Boating Accidents"

Drinking can lead to the reckless operation of boats

For most young people school is out and their families are beginning to plan summer vacations. While some Florida residents will leave the state to explore far-off destinations, others will stay right here in the Sunshine State to relax and have fun. For many, summer pleasure involves spending time on the vast expanses of water that surround and traverse the state. Boating is a favored pastime for residents and visitors alike.

Man dies in fatal boating accident on Lake Apopka

A boater who went fishing in Lake Apopka was found dead recently after a local resident noticed his boat floating the water unattended. It is unclear at this point what caused the tragic accident, but it doesn't appear that any foul play or negligence was a part of the fatal accident. The police will continue to investigate and will provide some answers soon.