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July 2015 Archives

Does medical malpractice apply to fatal medical mistake cases?

A doctor is often a Florida resident's best hope for finding the underlying cause of the person's pain and suffering. Whether the individual has an infection, a broken bone, a significant disease or any medical ailment in between, he can often benefit from visiting a doctor and receiving treatments tailored to his particular health-related needs. Doctors are, however, human, and they do from time-to-time make mistakes. Some medical errors are relatively harmless, but others can pose life-threatening risks to the affected patients.

What to do if you are hurt in a hit-and-run accident

Minor fender-benders on Florida roads are often low key events. When the parties to the accidents are uninjured, they generally know that they should get out of traffic, speak to the other parties and exchange contact and insurance information so that they can have their vehicles repaired. Most people are willing to extend this courtesy to other drivers; some, however, choose to ignore their accident-related obligations and leave the scenes of their collisions.