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June 2015 Archives

Is Florida doing enough to prevent drunk driving accidents?

According to the advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving, more than 600 people died on Florida roads in 2014 due to alcohol-related traffic accidents. Though this number represents a decrease over the total alcohol-related deaths counted in 2013, it is still painfully high. Drunk driving accidents are preventable and it is often on law enforcement officers' ability to stop dangerous drivers to keep innocent travelers safe on local roads.

What is the statute of limitations for a wrongful death action?

In a perfect world, negligence would never happen. All people would consider the safety and care of others when they chose to act, and everyone would take the proper precautions to proactively prevent and avoid harm. Unfortunately, Brevard residents know this utopia does not exist. A cursory review of the evening news demonstrates with definitive clarity the fact that dangerous and preventable things happen each and every day.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial Agreements (i.e. Ante-nuptial Agreements) are a part of a family lawyer's practice that requires great care, knowledge and experience.  Any Pre-Nuptial Agreement can be contested years later in a divorce or probate case. The sums of money at stake, if a Pre-Nuptial Agreement is determined to be invalid or portions of the agreement unenforceable, can be vast.  The risk of the agreement being determined invalid must be considered by the attorney and client alike, when the agreement is negotiated, drafted and executed.

Drinking can lead to the reckless operation of boats

For most young people school is out and their families are beginning to plan summer vacations. While some Florida residents will leave the state to explore far-off destinations, others will stay right here in the Sunshine State to relax and have fun. For many, summer pleasure involves spending time on the vast expanses of water that surround and traverse the state. Boating is a favored pastime for residents and visitors alike.