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April 2015 Archives

Woman seriously injured in Florida boat accident

Florida's waterways are a source a great pride for the state. Thousands of people flock to Florida each spring to take advantage of the state's beautiful beaches and waterways. While here, people engage in all sorts of recreational activities. Boating, in particular, is a popular pastime.

What are common types of boat accidents in Florida?

Florida's residents have a lot of access to water, which is very nice in the hot, long summer. For many people, Florida's proximity to water has led to an interest in water sports -- particularly boating. In order to boat safely, people must follow the rules. This includes avoiding drunk driving and following other regulations. Sadly, not all boaters are safe and many cause accidents.

Hold an impaired Florida driver liable for a car accident

There are a lot of dangers on Florida roadways. These dangers are increased by people who do not take the task of driving seriously. In particular, as we explained in a recent blog post, people who choose to drive while under the influence can cause serious harm. In that recent post, we explained that while the risk of drunk drivers was slowly decreasing, the risk of harm from drivers under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs was growing. Some people feel that because marijuana and other drugs have become more socially acceptable that it is fine to drive after consuming them.

The danger of a Florida auto accident after drug use

A long-standing concern about drivers in Florida is wariness that many who have been out enjoying a night on the town, a day at the beach, a sporting event or a social gathering will become a drunk driver, risking the life and limb of themselves and others. However, studies have indicated that the number of drivers going out on the road after drinking is declining, but the number who is driving after using drugs is increasing.

Danger of a teen distracted driver worse than previously believed

In Florida and across the country, a growing problem with teen drivers is their penchant for texting and driving. A new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety analyzed almost 1,700 videos showing teens and their behavior behind the wheel right before a car accident. The study indicates that the problem is worse than previously believed. It showed that in almost 60 percent of the moderate to severe crashes, a distracted driver was a factor. The number is four times greater than the prior approximations based on law enforcement reports.