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March 2015 Archives

What are the dangers of an auto accident after drug use?

In Florida and across the country, people drunk driving and the accidents it causes is an issue that is still prevalent in spite of law enforcement cracking down on it. Those who believe that legality of certain substances means that it is okay to drive after having used them are frightfully mistaken. One issue that has come to the forefront for drivers is using various drugs - legal and illegal - prior to driving.

Car crash kills teen and injures several others

For people in Florida, one of the worst possible things that can happen is to have a loved one involved in an accident. These accidents can happy at any time in a variety of ways. A common way in which people are hurt and killed is in motor vehicle accidents. While most drivers operate their vehicles safely and within the rules of the road, there is a constant risk that a fatal car crash will occur. If there is an accident, it's important for the family to know what to do in its aftermath.

Pedestrian killed in fatal car crash while crossing street

The roads in Florida can be dangerous not just for drivers, but for everyone who ventures out. Motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are especially vulnerable for a fatal accident given their lack of protection. While the state tries to ensure everyone's safety, it's an unfortunate fact that a fatal accident can happen at any time. Motor vehicle accidents can occur for numerous reasons. When someone dies, the family left behind has a right to seek compensation for their loss.

What are common violations that might cause a truck accident?

In Brevard County and across the entire United States, the sight of trucks going to and fro is a frequent occurrence. While these commercial vehicles are important to the state of the economy and provide commerce, goods and services, the sheer number of them on the road means Floridians need to watch out for the traffic violations these vehicles sometimes make.